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简介:A ___________( Spain) company is building the first ever space hotel. It plans __________(open)to the public in 2015. During their stay, guests ___________( be ) able to see __________sun rise15 times a day. _______ can travel around the world every 80 minutes. They will have to wear special suits __________they can crawl (匍匐爬行). The suits will allow them to stick to ___________(wall)like Spiderman. The hotel will travel _______30,000km per hour, 450km above the Earth. It has space to hold 4 guests and two astronaut-pilots. __________to the hotel, guests will have to take _______rocket and travel for a day and a half.

简介:2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017备考猜押2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题研究(遵义专版)解题方法与技巧2017年中考英语命题 压缩包中的资料: 2017中考王中考英语命题研究(遵义)题型突破攻略题型九句子改错:精讲精练+课件\题型九.ppt 2017中考王中考英语命题研究(遵义)题型突破攻略题型九句子改错:精讲精练+课件\题型九 句子改错.doc [来自e网通客户端]

简介:鲁教版七年级上册期中试题,一至四单元七年级英语考试知识点汇总,动词运用句型练习,时态练习初二上Unit1-4动词适当形式填空 1. What________(do) your father _______(look) like? 2. Miss Smith ___________(not have) long hair, she has short hair. 3. Tim wanted ___________(go) shopping yesterday. 4. I would like you ___________(come) to my house. 5. How about __________(have) some beef?

简介:2016年英语中考英语十篇短文改错专项练习(有答案)下面短文中的划线部分可能是错误的,如果错误请改正,如果正确,请打√,如果是多余的用“删除,划掉,去掉。”。如果需要写“词前,词后”加词。并将答案写在右边相应题号后的横线上。( 每空只写一词,并不得改变原句意思。)此改错短文适用用于全国教材,对于提高学生的改错能力,有一定的参考价值和指导意义。 [来自e网通客户端]

简介:1、下面短文中的划线部分都是错误的,请改正,并将正确答案写在右边相应的横线上,不得改变原文意思。 Dear Ace Travel, My family and I want to take a trip this summer at somewhere【小题1】_____ in eastern China. I hope you can provide me for some information【小题2】_____ about the kinds of vacations that you firm can offer.We would like【小题3】____ to travel to a exciting place and it has to be a place where we can【小题4】_____ do lots of outdoor activities;We especial love hiking and swimming, 【小题5】_____ but any kind of outdoor activity are fine.We also need to stay in an【小题6】____

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简介:8A Unit7 Season纠错练习,针对本单元学生容易犯错的知识点进行巩固。主要是原来练习题中错误率较高的题目。 1.Our country needs more trees t. It’s to join the Tree Planting Club. ( mean) 2. They gave us a warm welcome for our . ( arrive) 3. They sent one of the to hospital. ( survive) 4. His brother did his homework so that he made many mistakes. ( care)

简介:( )1. Sam doesn’t like playing ______piano, but he likes playing _______basketball. A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; / ( )2. 1. Jane is ______ active girl, and she always like playing _____ baseball after school. A. a; the B. an; the C. an; / D. /; the ( )3. —Would you mind ______ here? —I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. A. not smoking B. not smoke C. not to smoke D. not to smoking ( )4 Sam spends two hours _______ his homework every day. A. to do B. doing C. do D. is doing ( )5. He eats _______ food, so he is _______ fat. A. much too; too much B. too much; much too C. too much; too many D. many too much too

简介:人教版新目标七年级下册 期末复习专用 无答案1. Mr Wang teaches their Chinese this term. ___________ 2. Your coat is on the bed. Please put on it. ___________ 3. The Blacks is going to London next month.. ___________ 4. Lin Tao readed an interesting book ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬last week. ___________ 5. I sat there for a long time without do anything. ___________

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简介:1.correct (v.&adj.)correctly(adv.)正确的 2.dictionary (n.)dictionaries(复数形式)字典 3.understand (v.)understood(过去式)理解;明白 4.advice (n.)advise(v.)建议;意见 5.possible (adj.)possibly(adv.)可能的impossible(反义词)可能的 6.forget (v.)forgot(过去式)forgot/forgotten(过去分词) 7.pronounce (v.)pronunciation(n.)发音 8.suggest (v.)suggestion(n.)提议;建议 9.wide (adj.)widely(adv.)宽的 10.north (n.&adj.)northern(adj.)北方的 11.south (adj.&n.)southern(adj.)南方的 12.west (n.&adj.)western(adj.)西方的 13.agree (v.)agreement(n.)同意


简介:1、改错。(划线部分有一处错误,找出来填在括号内并在横线上加以改正,写出正确答案)(每空1分,共10分) 【小题1】 This is Lucy book . ( )_________ A. B. C. 【小题2】How many desk are there ? There is one. ( )_________ A. B. C. 【小题3】 I father is a teacher. ( )_________ A. B. . 【小题4】 There is two books and a pen on the desk.( ) A. B. C. 【小题5】How can you spell it? ( )____

简介:1、 短文填空 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) Kitty and Millie are writing to Mr Wu to r 1 David as the new chairperson. They think he will be an e 2 chairperson because he has many good personal q 3 . David is c 4 and he thinks he can do anything if he tries his best. He is h 5 . He always does extra work. They think David is also c 6 . Because he always gets good marks in tests. He is h 7 too. He usually shows the Grade 7 students how to use the library.

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简介:1、单句改错:(1’*10=10’) 【小题1】Your daughter is old enough to dress up herself. Don’t always do everything for her. ____________ 【小题2】I’m worried about if he’ll come.__________ 【小题3】The Internet has become part of every day life.__________ 【小题4】Don’t stay in the wind, and you will catch a cold._____________ 【小题5】It seems that nobody knows what was happened to this old city yesterday._____________ 【小题6】Our teacher told us the sun rose in the east.___________

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简介:(一)情态动词基本用法 can could 能 可以 1)Can/Could……..? ★用于征求对方许可。 eg. -Could I put my bag here for a few minutes? -Yes,you _________. must have to 必须 2)Must开始的疑问句的答语。 eg.-Must I finish the work today ? -Yes, you must .-No, you _______________/______________. need 需要,有必要 eg. You needn’t come to school so early. 你不必这么早来学校。 may 可以 3)May开始的疑问句的答语。

简介:1.学校生活School life 要点:1.杰克是一名八年级学生,就读于伦敦附近的一所学校;2.他最喜欢的学科是中文课,他认为学习外语很有趣;3.学校每学期有一个“读书周”,他和他的同学们喜欢这个“读书周”,他们可以读到学校图书馆的许多书和杂志;他很喜欢他的学校。 要点:1.南希14岁,是七年级学生;2.她每周放学后打两次排球;她喜爱这项运动,花很多时间练习;3.每周一她去“同伴俱乐部”;在那里,老生给新生讲学校生活情况;同伴朱莉帮助她全面了解新学校情况;朱莉是她的好朋友。

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简介:这十篇适合初一学生背诵的短文,便于理解和记忆,且其难度适中,完全可以让初中生自行接受,对英语能力的提高有帮助。 Park There is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowers and birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy their weekends.They like walking or having a picnic in the park.But I like flying a kite with my sisiter there. 我家附近有一个公园。哪里有很多美丽的树、花和小鸟。所以很多人都喜欢到那里去度周末。他们喜欢在公园里散步或是野餐.但是我喜欢和我姐姐在那里放风筝。

简介:U12 班级_________ 姓名__________ (制卷人:zzf) Life is full of the unexpected.( P91) _____ May 2001, I found a job in New York______ the World Trade Center. ______ September 11, 2001, I arrived ______ my building at ______ 8:30 a.m. I was about _______(go ) up when I decided to get a coffee ________(first). I went to my favorite coffee place even though it was two blocks east ______ my office. _______I was waiting in line with other office workers, I heard a loud sound.

简介:Unit11 班级_____________ 姓名______________ (制卷人:qll) A 短文改错: 【2b】The Winning Team Peter kept his eyes on the ground and felt heavy weight on his shoulders as he walked home lonely. It was the worst day of his life. His mind would not stop think about what happened only just an hour ago on the school soccer field. How could he missed scoring that goal? He had let his whole team down. His stupid mistake makes him angry. His team lost the game because him.

简介:Unit10 班级_______________ 姓名_______________ (制卷人:yh) (2b)A短文改错:Dear Laura, Thank for your message. Yes, I'm having a great time in my exchange program in France. I was a bit of nervous before I arrived here, but there was no reason to be. My host family is real nice. They go out of their way making me feel at home. The grandmother know that I miss Chinese food a lots. So she actually learned how make Chinese food! She also has a teenager granddaughter about my age is really kind.

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简介:改错。下列各句均有一处错误,请指出并在横线上加以改正。 1.You can look for the word in the dictionary. ( ) A B C 2.. Children should allowed to spend time playing with their friends. ( ) A B C 3.We must pay attention to the pronounce when we read words. ( ) A B C 4. My sister often studies by make flashcards. ( ) A B C 5. Can you tell me the different between the two pictures? ( ) A B C

简介:短文填空: she, like, study, mother, good, noodle, be, wear, shoe, teach Hello, my name is Wang Hong. I have a happy family. My father Mr. Wang is a doctor and my mother Mrs. Wang is an English 1. _____. I am a student, 2. ______ in a middle school. My father likes noodles 3. ______, but my mother’s favorite food is dumplings. I like porridge and 4. _____ best. My father’s favorite fruit is apple, and tea is his best drink. What about my 5. _____?

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简介:中考英语八大时态易错题荟萃中考英语八大时态易错题荟萃中考英语八大时态易错题荟萃中考英语八大时态易错题荟萃中考英语八大时态易错题荟萃1.I will tell him as soon as he _____ back A. come B. comes C. will come D. came 2. Mary _____ on shoes when she ____ them. A. tries…buys B. tries… buies C. trys… buys D. trys…buies 3. The girl often ______ cold when she ______. A. cathcs…dances B. catches… dances C. catchs… dancees D. catches… dancee

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简介:课件实用性强。unit1 where did you go on vacation ? period 1 先教授词组 ,通过学生熟练记忆后,再进行对话练习,进一步拓展。

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简介:共36张幻灯片 短文填空是中考中一个难度比较大的题型,其特点是 在一篇短文中留出 8 个空(首句不设空),要求考生根据短文的 内容以及上下文的意思,在空白处填入意思、语法都正确的单 词,一空只能填一个词(有些空的答案可能不是唯一的)。短文 的题材很广泛,可以是故事、文化习俗、科普小品、体育等, 考试一般会选取考生比较熟悉的材料。

简介:新目标英语八年级上期末专项练习 三 改错 改错:下面A、B、C、D四 个划线部分,其中有一处错误,请指出并改正。 1 How long is he leaving A B C D 2 What about go hiking in the mountain A B C D 3 Show your photos to us when you return back to school A B C D 4 What are you going camping with A B C D W w X k b 1 c O m 5 I’ m staying in Hainan in three weeks[来源:学_科_网] A B C D 6 He’s going to his cousin’s family A B C D 7 He[来自e网通客户端]

简介:新目标英语八年级上期末专项练习 三 改错 改错:下面A、B、C、D四个划线部分,其中有一处错误,请指出并改正。 1 How long is he leaving A B C D 2 What about go hiking in the mountain A B C D 3 Show your photos to us when you return back to school A B C D 4 What are you going camping with A B C D 5 I’ m staying in Hainan in three weeks A B C D 6 He’s going to his cousin’s family A B C D 7 He don’t like going away for too long[来自e网通客户端]

简介:改错 1.-What’s his phone number-This is 281-9176 2This is I pen 3Her name is Jenny Brown Jenny is my first name 4What your phone number 5Can your spell your name 6What’s color is it 7This pen is a black 8How are Bob 9The jacket is green color 10It is an UFO 11I English name is Ann 12Is these your grandfather 13What’s your one sister 14That isn’t[来自e网通客户端]

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简介: 1 His father drink milk every day _________ 2 There are some junk food in the picture _________ 3 How often does you surf the internet _______&&___ 4 I think your uncle is a kind of tired _________ 5 Eating fruit is good at our health _________ 6 We write by our hands _________ 7 They usually never go shopping _________ 8 How many hour does he sleep every night__ _______ 9 Paul has too much rules at home _________ [来源:ZXXK] 10 Are you often stre[来自e网通客户端]

简介:七年级英语改错题精选单句改错(一) 1. Tom is in Grade One, Class Two. 2. It not is my bag. 3. I am in Class five. 4. -Are you Liu Fang?-No, I amn’t. 5. What are eight and six? 6.-How old is Bill? -He eleven. 7. I’m in No. 4 middle school. 8. Bill and I am at school. 9. This is our teacher. We love she very much. 10. There is a big apple in the tree. 11. Can you see a pen in picture 1? Yes, I do. 12. Where are my photoes? Can you see them? Sorry, I can’t.

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简介:单句改错 1. You need not to go with me unless you are free now. 2. He promised to come and see us after the supper. 3. The teacher is busy preparing for his lesson. 4. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park. 5. OliverTwist,the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 6. Do you know our team leader we call him Big Wang? 7. He told me that how important it is to learn English. 8. She asked me if I had found out my new pen. 9. I didn’t hear you.Please repeat the sentence again. 10.We must study hard in order to serve for the people better in the future.