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简介:代词宾语应放在中间的短语动词归类,适合英语高级同学,提升语法有帮助,不用自己总结,较全面,欢迎使用。 1.bring back 取回 2.call/ring up 打电话 3.carry on 坚持下去 4.cheer up 使振奋 5.clean up 清扫 6.cup up 切碎 7.cut down 砍伐

简介:单元核心考点整理 Unit one How can we become good learners 一.核心词汇 1.textbook:教科书(n); 2.conversation:______( ); 3.pronunciation:_____( ); 4.patient:______( ); 5.expression_______( ); 6.discover:______( ); 7.化学:______( );8.上升:______( ); 9速度______( );10.物理:______( );11.能力:______( ); 12.创造:______( );13.知识:______( );14活跃的:______( );

简介:U6知识点复习 1.生活方式 2.请写出两个复合名词: 3.在正午 4.吃汉堡 5.Keep:(1)保持健康 (2)保持做锻炼 6.猪肉: 牛肉: 羊肉: 7.change:(1)改变某人的主意: (2)改变某人的态度: (3)改变某人的生活方式: 8.打算做某事: 9.千克: 毫克: 千米: 毫米: 10.在瓶子的底部: 在瓶子的边缘: 在瓶子的顶部:

简介:整理了外研社七年级上册常考句型,短语搭配,设置时特别注意了句型之间的相近相似的对比练习,有助于学生加强理解记忆。为……做准备 4. 孩子们正在为上课做准备。 The children ____ _______ ______ ____ the class. 5. 我们正在为期末考试做准备。 We ______ ______ ______ _____ the final exam 6. 我父母正在为新年做准备。 My parents _____ ________ __________ _______Spring Festival. 7. Tom 正在为他的生日做准备。 Tom _____ _______ __________ __________ his birthday.

简介:1. play chess下国际象棋 2. play the guitar/piano/violin/drums 弹奏吉他/钢琴/拉小提琴/打鼓(乐器名词 前要加the) 3. speak English/Chinese 说英语/说中文(说某种语言用speak) 4. join a club 参加俱乐部join us 加入我们(join后面接社团,组织名称或人) 5. music club 音乐俱乐部 6. art club 美术俱乐部 7. swimming club 游泳俱乐部

简介:1.-How ’s the weather in your hometowm(家乡). -It’s_______. A.sun B.wind C.snow D.sunny 2.Look! Simon ____ in the playground. A. run B. runs C. is running D. Running 3.Sally _______her father. A.looks like B.be like C.like D.looks 4.-What _______you like? -I’d like a small bowl of soup.

简介:八下 U6重点短语和句子 1. 春游 spring field trip 2. 去… 旅行三天 go on a three-day visit to 3. 做决定 make a decision 4.太…而不能 too…to… 5. 查清楚,弄明白 find out 6.通过电话 over the phone=on the phone=by phone 7.最某事的最佳时间和方法 the best way/time to do sth 8.出发 start out 9. 决定,选定 decide on 10.做某事花费多少时间 It takes/took sb +时间+to do sth 11.做某事花费多少金钱 It costs/cost sb +金钱+to do sth 12.预定火车票 book the train tickets 13.到达arrive in/at 14.付款 pay for sth

简介:play chess well下国际象棋 join the chess club 国际象棋俱乐部 speak English说英语 want to do sth想要做某事 want to see pandas想看熊猫 Want to read books想看书 Want to go out想出去 Want him to help me with my English 想要他帮我学英语 play the guitar/the violin弹吉他 play basketball/tennis/打篮球 tell stories讲故事 the story telling club讲故事俱乐部

简介:七年级英语下册早读材料,精心整理七年级下册英语重要短语以及语法知识,帮助学生迅速整理课堂笔记,便于学生进行考前复习. 短语 would like sth === want sth 想要某物 would like to do sth === want to do sth 想要做某事 would like sb. to do sth === want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 next to = beside 在隔壁,在...旁边 learn about 了解关于....的问题 learn from 向某人学习 从某处了解... learn from each other 互相学习 different(adj)---- difference (n) be different from 和....不同 same the same as 和...一样 the difference between ...and...在...和...之间的不同之处 句型

简介:新仁爱英语八下 Unit 8 Our Clother Topic 2 We can design our own uniforms-导学案,各section的重点词组、重点句子、重点语法讲解和练习。 Section A 学习目标: 1.疑问词引导的宾语从句 2.讨论各种不同服装类型 学习过程: 一、在文中找到、划出并背诵下面的短语。 1.计划做某事 2.为我们做校服 3.穿我自己的衣服 4.穿在身上看着很丑 5.取决于 6.自己(做…) 7.同意某人的观点 8.采访一名女警 9.穿便衣 10.执行特殊任务 11.有麻烦的人 12.阻止某人做坏事

简介:本课件设计的是第三单元比较级的用法,从比较级的形容词以及副词的变化规则不断训练学生对比较级的掌握。本设计内容丰富,观点新颖 Guinness(吉尼斯) World RecordsWhat do they look like? Alan is ______. Ben is ____ What does she look like? She is heavy. She is thin So she is thinner than her. She is heavier than her.

简介:1. 打算,将要做某事 _________________________________ 2. 爬山 ________________________________ 3. 需要做某事 _________________________________ 4. 保持健康 ________________________________

简介:.agree with sb:同意某人的观点 2.agree to do sth:同意做… 3. (not) at all 一点也(不),完全(不) P89.4.have/take a shower:洗淋浴 5.too+ adj to do sth:太…而不能做… 6. newspaper stand 报摊 7. rush out 冲出去 8.have time to do sth:有时间做… 9. a crowd of 一群 P90.10.worry about: 担心…. 11. (be ) worried about 为……担忧 12.think about sth/doing sth:考虑做… 13.a large group of : 一群…

简介:短语归纳: P71.1.safety rules:安全规则 P73.2.a pack of:一包;一袋;一盒 3.in a way:在某种程度上 4. change into:转化,变成 5.a power station:发电站 6.be connected to cables:被连接到电缆上 7.come back:回来 8. trick sb:戏弄某人 9.look foolish:看上去很傻 10.flow through:流经 11. in packets:成/几包的 12. at last:最后 13. a light bulb:电灯泡

简介:Revision Introduce yourself and greet people. A: Hello! My name’s / I’m … What’s your name? B: My name’s / I’m … A: Nice to meet you. B: Nice to meet you, too. They are the students from Sunshine Middle School. Let’s learn about their information.

简介:中考复习习惯用语与固定搭配 1.According to 根据 2. A few 一些,少量 3. a kind of 一种,一类 4.a lot of = lots of 许多,大量 5.a pair of 一双,一副 6.a piece of 一块,一张,一片 7. After class 课后 8.agree to do sth 同意做某事 9.agree with sb 同意某人的看法 10.all kinds of 各种各样的 11.all right 行了,好吧 12.and so on 等等 13.arrive at/in place 到达某地 14.as soon as 一…就… 15.as……as 如同,像 16.at home 在家 17.at last 最后,终于 18.at once 立刻,马上 19.at school 在学校,在上课 20.at the same time 同时

简介:本篇教学设计构思新颖,教学过程设置循序渐进,活动丰富有趣,每一步的设计说明也很详细。是一节优质的高效课堂展示课。 前言:“我不愿有一个塞满东西的头脑,而情愿有一个思想开阔的头脑”。对于如何做教学设计,我仍在不断地思考、探索和学习当中。在听说读写、语法课等主要课型的英语课堂教学中,我们可以有意识地通过教学设计、互动、鼓励、激励、反馈和调整、反思等方式来引导学生的思维,使其在每天的课堂教学中,养成良好的思维习惯,成就一个个美丽的思想(Beautiful Mind)。

简介:词汇拓展 1. honest adj. → ________ (反义词) 2.humour n. → ________ (adj.) 3. high adj.→ ________ (n.) 4.smile n. → ________ (adj.) 5. swim v. → ________ (n.) 游泳者 6.happy adj. → ______________ (反义词) 7. Britain n.→ ________ (adj.) 9. America n. → ________ (adj.) 10.week n. → ________ (adj.) 11. discuss v. → ________ (n.) 12.day n. → ________ (adj.) 13. bad/badly → ________ (比较级)→ ________ (最高级) 14. far adv. → ________/________ (比较级) → ________/________ (最高级)

简介:unit5知识点 1. pick v. 采摘 pick flowers in the park ①pick out 1. 挑选出;拣出 Let me pick out some good ones for you. 2. 辨认出 It's easy to pick him out in a crowd because he is very tall. ②pick up 1. 拾起 The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 2. 收拾 You should pick up the tools after work. 3. 学到;获得 He was picking up the skills quickly. 4. 与...偶然结识 We picked up a couple of girls at the pub last Friday. 5. 搭便车 ③pick off 摘掉;取走 You should not pick off any of the flowers. ④pick at 1. 吃得很少 The boy is only picking at his food. 2. 找...的岔;挑毛病 Why are you always picking at me? 2. till conj. 到…时, 直到…为止 = until(位于句首,只能用until) prep. 到…时 肯定句:动作持续到… 否定句(not…until/till): 直到…才 eg. She watched TV until/till her mother came back. 她一直在看电视,直到她母亲回来。

简介:八下Unit 1 教师版 词汇 拓展 1. marry v. →married (adj.) 已婚的 2. communicate v. →communication (n.) 3. north n. →northern (adj.) 4. wife n. →wives (复数) 5. interview v. →interviewer (n.) 采访者 6.recent adj. →recently (adv.) 7. exact adj. →exactly (adv.) 8.pollute v. →pollution (n.)

简介:九上 Unit 1教师版 1. energy n. → energetic (adj.) 2. organize v. → organized (adj.) 3. suit v. → suitable (adj.) 4. patient adj. → impatient (反义词) 5. fix v. → fixed (adj.) 6.power n. → powerful (adj.) 7. live v. → lively (adj.) 活泼的 8.create v. → creative (a 1. 吃光 _ eat up 2.使……保持井然有序 keep…in order 3.炫耀 show off 4.想出(主意);追上,赶上 come up with

简介:知识点自测 1.测试 15.充满 2.变紧张 16.被挤满 3.做演讲 17.做某事有困难 4.听牙医的建议 18.有一天 5.在公共场合 19.心情好 6.从......摔下来 20.精神好 7.生病 21.记得去做某事 8.对......自信 22.保持沉默 9.为某人感到骄傲 23.仔细考虑 10.害怕做某事 24.作重要决定 11.给某人一个惊喜 25.从......得到帮助 12.表演短剧 26.继续...... 13.为......做好准备 27.进入脑海 14.和某人团聚 28.和某人在一起

简介:九年级全册的基础知识复习资料,字,词,短语和句子,是很好的复习资料Unit 1 How can we become good learners? 短语总结: 1. good learners 优秀的学习者 2. work with friends 和朋友一起学习 3. study for a test 备考 4.have conversations with 与……交谈 5.speaking skills 口语技巧 6.a little 有点儿 7.at first 起初 起先 8.the secret to......, .......的秘诀 9.because of 因为 10.as well 也 11.look up (在词典中等)查阅;抬头看 12.so that 以便,为了 13.the meaning of ……的意思 14.make mistakes 犯错误 15.talk to 交谈 16.depend on 依靠 依赖 17.in common 共有的 18.pay attention to 注意 关注 19.connect ……with ……把……联系。 20.for example 例如 21.think about 考虑 22.even if 即使 尽管 纵容 23.look for 寻找 24.worry about 担心 担忧

简介:Unit 1 Can you play the guitar? 1,情态动词+V原 can do= be able to do can的用法歌诀 can可用来表能力,但与实动不分离。 不管主语何变换,can的模样永不变。 只要句中出现can,动词原形后面站。 一般疑问can提前,否定can后not添。 2,Play+ the+ 乐器 play the violin/piano/drums (乐器前加the) Play +球类,棋类 play football play chess (球类和棋类前省略the) 3,join 参加社团、组织、团体 take part in :参加运动、活动 join sb. 加入某人 4,4个说的区别: say+内容 :say it in English 用英语说它 speak+语言:speak English 说英语 talk 谈论 talk about sth. 谈论某事 talk with/to sb 和某人交谈 tell 告诉,讲述 tell sb. (not)to do sth 告诉某人(不)去做某事 (tell a story) tell stories/ jokes 讲故事/笑话

简介:一、根据提示或首字母,完成句中所缺单词。 1. A h________ is a place to go if you are ill. A d________ works in it. 2. A s________ is a place to study and learn. S___

简介:本资料总结了本课重点词汇短语句子和语法,适合用于靠前知识点回顾。 一、单词: 1. save (saved) vt. 拯救,节省, 保存 [近] recuse v. 拯救 safe adj. 安全的 safety n. 安全 saving n. 存款 2. discuss (discussed) vt. 讨论 discuss sth. with sb. 与某人讨论某事 =talk about sth with sb discussion n. 讨论 have a discussion about…= talk about 讨论,谈论 3. fight (fought, fought) vi. 做斗争n. 战斗, 争吵 fighter n. 战士, 斗争者 have a fight with sb over/for/about (money) 为(钱)和某人打了一架 fight for (freedom/our dream)为(自由/我们的梦想)而战, 努力争取, 为…奋斗 fight against (environmental pollution) 对抗, 打击(环境污染)

简介:aloud 大声地 出声地 patient 有耐心的 discover 发现 pronounce v.发音 pronunciation n. 发音 ability 能力 才能 active 活跃的 积极的 expression 表情,表示 表达方式 secret n.秘密 秘诀 adj秘密的 保密的 increase 增加 增长 knowledge 知识 学问

简介:根据句意及汉语提示完成句子 We are now living a happy__________(生活). He didn’t_________(完成) his homework yesterday. I made a toy car by__________(我自己). 4.Jenny visits her grandparents (两次) a month. 5.Can you tell me the (差异) between Chinese culture and western culture

简介:Unit 1 单元检测(七下) 一、根据句意及汉语提示完成句子 1.He ran too fast and_______(摔倒)down. 2.We’ll visit some__________(主要的) places of interest in Beijing. 3.There are two__________(桥梁) over the river. 4.I want to take a picture of the flower,but I have to ________(穿过) the road. 5.The river is ten metres________(宽). 6.When did you_______ _______(返回) to your company(公司)? 7.They______ __________ _____(前往) Beijing next Sunday. 8.Danny has__________ __________(足够的钱) to buy the new car.