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备考冲刺 | 2019中考英语真题专练--名词(含解析)


1. 语境辨析。

2. 近义词辨析。

3. 固定搭配。熟记各类常见短语的含义及用法。

1. (2018天津)Everyyear many foreign friends come to see the ___ of Tianjin, such asTianjin Eye and Haihe River.

A. concerts B. plays

C. cartoons   D. sights

2. (2018重庆A卷)—It's hot today. Havesome ________, please.

—No, thanks. I'm not thirsty at all.

A. water B. potatoes C.bread D. cakes

3. (2018重庆B卷)It's cold today. Take your________ with you when you go out.

A. knife B. coat C. brush D. key

4. (2018河北)Your________is very helpful. I guess I'll take it.

A.secret B. advice C. promise D.purpose

5. (2018河南)—Are you going out withJade tonight?

—That's my ________. Mind your own!

A. offer B. business C.question D. chance

6. (2018山西)During the next fewdays, I decide to have a good ________ by taking a walk or seeing amovie. I really need to relax.

A. meal B. sleep C. rest

7. (2018 安徽)Cathy has such agood________ that she won many prizes in singing competitions last year.

A. sleep B. idea C. voice D. time

8. (2018江西)Someold people need a ________ because they feel lonely.

A. gift B. stick C. pet D. watch

9. (2018福州)—Who is theperson you admire the most?

—Qian Xuesen, the Father of China's Missiles.He is the ________ of China.

A. leader B. pride  C. voice

10.(2018武汉)—Look, the boss isangry with Alex.

—Well, he came late again. But that'sno ________ to shout at him.

A. problem B. lesson C. excuse D. reason

11.( 2018大连)Cambridgeis famous for its ________. Many famous people studied there.

A. university B. hospital C.bank D. museum

12. (2018大连)It might be cool in theevening. You'd better take a(n)________.

A. umbrella B. sweater C.wallet D. camera

13.—Could you take out therubbish and do the dishes, Tony?

—Sure. Mom will be mad if she sees this________, I think.

A. matter B. mess C. trouble D. difficulty

14.—Do you know about thescientist Tu Youyou?

—Yes, she won the 2015 Nobel Prize inmedicine because of her great ________.

A. surprise B. achievement

C. education D. satisfaction

15. (2018德州)Billwill be a /an ________ to interview the football players in the comingRio 2018 Olympics.

A. guest B. reporter C. tourist D. engineer

16. (2018达州)—Why did Lucy lookunhappy?

—Because she was so careless that she made manyspelling ________ in her homework.

A. friends B. plans C.decisions D. mistakes

17. (2018温州)When an earthquakehappens, I think the most important safety ________ is to keep calm.

A. rule B. doubt C.condition D. problem

18. (2018衡阳)—The last bus has left.What should we do?

—Let's take a taxi. We have noother ________ now.

A. choice B. reason  C. habit

19.—How can I get some________ about the 2018 Olympic Games?

—Why not search the Internet?

A. information B. experience  C. practice

20. (2018咸宁)—Tu Youyou received theNobel Prize for her ________ of artemisinin(青蒿素).

—And she was the first Chinese who won theprize in science.

A. design B. thought C.invention D. discovery

21.—Look! So many colorfulbicycles in two lines over there.

—They're for public. This ________of green smart traffic is everywhere in Xiangyang city.

A. number B. pair C. kind D. piece

22.—Why do people nevercut up the ________ on their birthdays?

—Because they are a symbol of long life.

A. eggs B.cakes C. noodles D. dumplings

23. (2018淮安)Lilyoften helps her mother do some cooking in the ________.

A. kitchen B. garden C.bathroom D. bedroom

24.— What ________ will youget after winning the competition in the programme Stay to the end(一站到底)?

—A free trip to Bali Island.

A. award B. attention C.advice D. ability

25. (2018吉林)The________ pollution is becoming more and more serious. We haven't seen blueskies for several days.

A. noise B. water  C. air

26. (2018徐州)Mycousin works for an airline. He flies planes. He is ________.

A. an inventor B. a scientist

C. an explorer D. a pilot

27. (2018抚顺)Your English is really good.What's your ________?

A. secret B. service C.spirit D. science

28.—The milk shake tastesgood. How do you make it?

—It's easy, just follow the ________.

A. discussions B.instructions  C. resolutions

29. (2018甘肃通用卷)Peopleusually touch something with their ________.

A. eyes B. noses C.mouths D. fingers

30.—The water in the glassis sweet. Did you put any ________ in it?

—Yes. I added some to it just now.

A. sugar B. salt  C. oil

31.—Which city do youprefer to visit, Hangzhou or Shanghai?

—I've no idea. It's hard to makethe ________.

A. report B. project C.decision D. speech

32. (2018 阜新)—I hear you have to getup early every morning.

—Right. It's one of the ________ in myfamily.

A. rules B. orders

C. reasons D. experience

33. (2018齐齐哈尔)The mobile phone sells for ¥5000, it is muchmore than its real________.

A. cost B. value  C. price

34. (2018绵阳)Hewas born in Germany, but he has made China his ________.

A. family B. address C.house D. home

35. (2018东营)Great________ for football lovers—more than 50,000 soccer schools will be built in our country by theend of 2025.

A. news B. message

C. situation D. information

36. (2018朝阳)Ithink computers are very useful. They can help us get much ________ on theInternet.

A. game B. information

C. exchange D. message

37. (2018青岛)Nancytook her temperature and found she had a ________.

A. cough B. toothache C.cold D. fever

38. (2018宿迁)When the man went throughthe forest alone, he lost his ________ and felt afraid.

A. task B. work C. way D. job

39. (2018盐城)Lifeis like riding a bicycle. To keep your ________, you must keep moving.

A. promise B. position C.balance D. ability

40. (2018孝感)—Mom, I will eatless fast food this year, believe me.

—If you make a ________, you must keep it.

A. joke B.noise C. mistake D. promise

41. (2018西宁)Asmart phone makes a big ________ to our life.

A. difference B. decision

C. progress D.prediction

42. (2018随州)Peterdidn't tell his parents that he was going home because he wanted to give them a________.

A. note B. surprise C. call D. gift

43. (2018苏州)SteveJobs was full of ________ — always coming up with new ideas which led to great changes insociety.

A. instruction B. invitation

C. introduction D. invention

44. (2018扬州)—Why not buy a second­handflat first if you don't have enough money?

—That's a good ________.

A. saying B. question

C.suggestion D. decision

45. (2018连云港)—It's useful for thedeaf people to learn sign language.

—Yes, it's a major way of ________ forthem.

A. suggestion B. vacation

C. production D. communication

46.—Could you show me themethod of cooking the tasty cookies?

—Please follow the ________ on thecookbook.

A. direction B.attention

C. introduction D.instruction


1. 可数名词复数的判断。

2. 可数名词与不可数名词的判断及变形。

3. 不可数名词的数量表达,用:基数词/冠词+数量词+of。

1. (2018宜宾)Yibinis one of the most beautiful ________ in Sichuan.

A. city B. cities C. citys

2. (2018广安)—Have you heard of LinZexu and Zhan Tianyou?

—Of course. They are our national ________.

A. hero B. heros C. heroes D. hero's

3. (2018昆明)Eachcouple in China can have two ________ from January 1st, 2018.

A. boy B.girl C. children D. child

4. ( 2018广东)The broken ________ may cut into yourhand if you touch it. You should be careful.

A. glass B. glasses C.candle D. candles

5. (2018南宁)These________ in beautiful dresses will have a party this evening.

A. man B. men C. woman D. women

6. (2018怀化)—Mum, I'm hungry.May I have some________?

—Sure. But don't eat too much.

A. hamburgers B. milks  C. cake

7. (2018来宾)—There are many________ about this farm.

—Yes, lots of ________ are planted on it.

A.photo; potato B.photos; potatos

C.photos; potatoes D.photoes; potatoes

8. (2018巴中)MickeyMouse is one of the most famous ________ in American________.

A. symbol; culture

B. symbols; cultures

C. symbols; culture

9. (2018天水)Thereare many websites on the Internet and there ________ a lot of useful ________on the websites.

A. are; informations B. are;information

C. is; information D. is;informations


1. 有生命的名词及表时间、距离、国家等常用­'s。

2. 无生命的名词一般用:of+名词。

3. 表两个人共同拥有,用“A and B's”。

4. 表两个人各自拥有,用“A's and B's”。

1. (2018天水)It'sabout ________ from our school to my house.

A. 20 minutes' walk B. 20 minute'swalk

C. walk of 20 minutes D. 20minutes' walks

2. (2018绥化)________room is big and nice.

A. Kate's and Jane's

B.Kate's and Jane

C. Kate and Jane's

3. (2018新疆建设兵团)This is ________ bedroom. It's tidy and nice.

A. Lily's and Lucy's B. Lily andLucy's

C. Lily's and Lucy D. Lily andLucy

4.—Are you sure this is aphoto ________, thefamous comedy actress?

—It surprised you, didn't it? But she wasonce really thin.

A. Jia Ling B. JiaLing's

C. of Jia Ling D. of Jia Ling's

5. (2018安顺)There'llbe a ________ meeting next week, and my parents will ________ comefor it.

A. parents'; all B. parents';both

C. parent's; all D. parent's; both

6. (2018河池)—There is an MP5 on thedesk, whose is this?

—It can be my ________, she bought oneyesterday.

A. sister B. sister's C. sisters' D. sisters

7. (2018武威)________mothers can't go to the parents' meeting because they are too busy.

A. Jack's and Paul B. Jack's andPaul's

C. Jack and Paul's D. Jack andPaul


1. 名词作定语,一般用单数。

2. man和woman作定语,其单复数与被修饰词的单复数保持一致。

3. 复合形容词作定语,结构为:数字+(连字符即“”)+名词单数。

1. (2018重庆A卷)It's sports time.Most________ students in Class 1 are playing football on the playground.

A. boy B. boys C. boy's D. boys'

2. (2018绥化)Ourschool has fifty­six ________ teachers.

A. woman B. women  C. woman's

3. (2018贵港)—What would you likefor breakfast?

—I'd like ________.

A. tomato noodle B. tomato noodles

C. tomatoes noodle D. tomatoesnoodles

4. (2018连云港)—YanJiashuo, a ________ girl, has won the prize of International Master of Memory.

—Wow, she's great, isn't she?

A. ten­year­old B. ten­years­old

C. ten year old D. ten years old

5.XiJinping, our ________ president, paid a visit to Harbin lastmonth. How encouraging!

A. 63 years old B. 63 years' old  C. 63­year­old



1. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:每年许多外国朋友来看天津的,如天津眼和海河。concerts音乐会;plays戏剧;cartoons动画片,漫画;sights风景。根据空格后面的“天津眼和海河”可知此处指风景,故选D。

2. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“今天真热。请喝些。”“不,谢谢。我一点也不渴。”water 水;potatoes 土豆;bread 面包;cakes 蛋糕。根据句中的关键词thirsty可知答案,故选A。

3. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:今天很冷。当你外出时带上你的。knife刀;coat外套;brush刷子;key钥匙。根据前一句语境可知此处指的是带上衣服,故选B。

4. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:你的非常有用。我想我会采纳的。secret秘密;advice建议;promise许诺,允诺;purpose目的。分析句意并结合四个选项可知,此处指你的建议非常有用,故选B。

5. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“今天晚上你要和杰德一起出去吗?”“那是我的。管好你自己的事吧!”offer提供,给予;business生意,事情;question问题;chance机会。根据句意和语境可知此处应是表示:那是我的事。故选B。

6. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:在接下来的几天里,我决定通过散步或者看电影好好地。我真的需要放松。meal饭;sleep睡眠;rest休息。根据I really need to relax.可知用rest;have a good rest意为“好好休息”。故选C。

7. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:凯茜有如此好的以至于她去年在唱歌比赛中赢得了许多奖项。sleep睡眠;idea主意;voice嗓音;time时间。根据空后句意“在唱歌比赛中赢得了许多奖项”可推知她肯定有一副好嗓音。故选C。

8. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:一些老人需要一个因为他们感觉孤单。gift礼物;stick木棍,棍子;pet宠物;watch手表。感觉孤独,因此需要宠物陪伴,故选C。

9. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“你最钦佩的人是谁?”“中国导弹之父钱学森。他是中国的。”leader领导;pride骄傲;voice声音。根据句意可知B项正确。

10. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“看,老板在生亚历克斯的气。”“嗯,他又迟到了。但是那不是朝他大喊的。”problem问题;lesson课;excuse借口;reason原因。根据答语的意思可知老板朝他大喊的原因不是因为他迟到了,故选D。

11. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:剑桥以它的而闻名。许多名人在那儿学习过。university大学;hospital医院;bank银行;museum博物馆。根据关键词studied及常识可知选A。

12. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:晚上可能会冷。你最好带一件。umbrella雨伞;sweater毛衣;wallet钱包;camera相机。根据前一句描述可知此处建议带一件保暖的衣服,故选B。

13. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“托尼,你可以倒垃圾和洗盘子吗?”“当然可以。我认为如果妈妈看到这么,她会生气的。”matter物质,事件;mess杂乱;trouble问题,麻烦;difficulty困难。根据上句中“倒垃圾和洗盘子”及后一句中“妈妈会生气”可知此处指很杂乱。故选B。

14. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“你知道科学家屠呦呦吗?”“知道,她因为伟大的获得了‘2015年诺贝尔医学奖’。”surprise惊奇,惊讶;achievement成就;education教育;satisfaction满意。根据句意可知是伟大的成就,故选B。

15. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:比尔将作为一名采访即将到来的2018里约奥运会中足球运动员们。guest客人;reporter记者;tourist游客;engineer工程师。根据“interview”可知是记者。故选B。

16. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“为什么露西看起来不高兴?”“因为她是如此粗心以至于她在作业中犯了很多拼写。”friends朋友;plans计划;decisions决定;mistakes错误。根据“so careless”可知表示犯错,故选D。

17. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:当地震发生的时候,我认为最重要的安全是保持冷静。rule规则;doubt疑惑;condition条件;problem问题。根据句意可知选A。

18. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“最后一班公交车已经走了。我们该怎么办?”“让我们坐出租车吧。我们现在没有其他的。”choice选择;reason理由;habit习惯。此处指没有其他的选择。故选A。

19. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“我怎么才能得到一些关于2018年奥林匹克运动会的 。”“为什么不上网搜索一下?”information信息;experience经验,经历;practice练习。此处指得到一些关于奥林匹克运动会的信息,故选A。

20. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“屠呦呦因为青蒿素获得了诺贝尔奖。”“并且她是中国第一位在科学领域获得诺贝尔奖的人。”design设计;thought思想;invention发明;discovery发现。青蒿素是本来就存在的东西,因此屠呦呦是发现了青蒿素。故选D。

21. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“看!那边有那么多彩色自行车排成两排。”“它们是公用的。这绿色智能交通工具在襄阳市随处可见。”number数字,号码;pair双;kind种类;piece条,块。分析语境可知此处指这种交通工具,故选C。

22. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“在过生日时,人们为什么从来不把 切断?”“因为它们是长寿的象征。”eggs鸡蛋;cakes蛋糕;noodles面条;dumplings水饺。根据常识可知,过生日吃面条意味着长寿。故选C。

23. A【解析】 考查名词词义辨析。句意:莉莉经常在帮助她的妈妈做饭。kitchen厨房;garden花园;bathroom洗手间;bedroom卧室。根据句中“dosome cooking”可知,是在厨房做饭。故选A。

24. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“在《一站到底》的比赛中获胜之后,你将获得什么?”“一次到巴

25. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:污染变得越来越严重。我们已经好几天没看见蓝天了。noise声音,噪音;water水;air空气。根据后一句“看不见蓝天”可知,本题应该是说“空气污染”。故选C。

26. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:我的堂(表)哥(弟)在一家航空公司工作。他开飞机。(所以)他是。an inventor 一位发明家;a scientist一位科学家;an explorer一位探险家;a pilot一位飞行员。根据前句的“fliesplanes”可知,只有选项D符合。故选D。

27. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:你的英语真的很好。你的是什么?secret秘密,秘诀;service接待,服务;spirit精神,勇气,意志;science科学。根据常识可知,称赞完他人学得好,接着应该是询问“秘诀”。故选A。

28. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“这个奶昔尝起来不错。你怎么做的?”“很简单,就只是按照。”discussions讨论;instructions说明书;resolutions决心,决定。follow theinstructions“按照说明书”,故选B。

29. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:人们通常用他们的触摸东西。eyes眼睛;noses鼻子;mouths嘴巴;fingers手指。发出“touch”这个动作,只能是“手指”。故选D。

30. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“杯子里的水是甜的。你给里面放了吗?”“是的。我刚才在里面放了一些。”sugar糖;salt盐;oil油。由常识可知,“水甜”肯定是放了“糖”。故选A。

31. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“你更喜欢游览哪个城市,杭州还是上海?”“我不知道。那很难做。”report报告;project项目,工程;decision决定;speech演讲。上句是选择疑问句,故此处是做决定。make thedecision“做决定”,是固定短语。故选C。

32. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“我听说你每天早上都不得不早起。”“是的。那是我们家的之一。”rules规则,规矩;orders命令,指示;reasons原因;experience经验,经历。结合常识可知,“早起”作为一个家庭的“规矩”最符合。故选A。

33. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:这部手机卖5000元,这比它实际的贵得多。cost花费;value价值;price价格,表示价格高用high修饰,价值大用much修饰。故选B。

34. D【解析】考查近义名词辨析。句意:他出生在德国,但是他把中国当作他的。family家庭,家人,多指家庭成员;address地址;house房子,住宅,多指建筑物;home家,居住的地方,有感情色彩,有团聚、思念之含义。此处指情感意义上的家,富有感情色彩。故选D。

35. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:足球爱好者的好——到2025年末,我国将会建造超过50000个足球学校。news新闻,侧重“新”字;message消息,一般指口头或书面的消息;situation情况,状态;information信息,通常指在阅读、观察、谈话或书信往来中特别关注的消息、情报、资料等。根据语境可知,本题侧重于新闻性,故选A。

36. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:我认为电脑非常有用。它们可以帮助我们从网上获得很多。game游戏;information消息,信息(不可数名词);exchange交换;message信息;消息(可数名词)。根据句意可知,此处填“信息”;且由句前修饰词much(修饰不可数名词)可知information符合。故选B。

37. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:南希量了她的体温,发现她 。cough咳嗽;toothache牙疼;cold寒冷,感冒;fever发烧,发热。根据“tookher temperature”可知她发烧了,故选D。

38. C【解析】 考查名词词义辨析。句意:当那个人独自穿越雨林时,他迷失并感到害怕。task任务;work工作;way道路;job工作。根据前一分句“穿越雨林”和后面“感到害怕”推知,他迷路了;lose one's way意为“迷路”。故选C。

39. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:生活就像骑自行车。要保持你的,你必须不断前行。promise诺言;position位置,地位;balance平衡;ability能力。此处指“为保持平衡,必须往前移动”。故选C。

40. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“妈妈,今年我要少吃快餐,相信我。”“如果你做出,你必须遵守。”joke笑话;noise噪音;mistake错误;promise诺言。根据语境可知妈妈说的是做出了承诺就要遵守它。故选D。

41. A【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:一部智能手机对我们的生活会产生很大的。difference差别,不同;decision决定;progress进步;prediction预测。根据句意可知智能手机对人们的生活产生很大的影响,make a difference“有影响;起作用”。故选

42. B【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:彼得没有告诉父母他将要回家,因为他想给他们一个。note便条;surprise惊喜;call电话;gift礼物。give sb. a surprise“给某人一个惊喜”,故选B。

43. D【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:史蒂夫·乔布斯充满——他总是想出能引导社会巨大变革的新点子。instruction指南;invitation邀请;introduction介绍;invention发明。根据破折号后的解释,表明乔布斯很有创意,因此他有很多的发明。故选D。

44. C【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意“如果你没有足够的钱,为什么不先买一套二手公寓呢?”“这是一个好。”saying话,格言,谚语;question问题,疑问;suggestion建议,提议;decision决定,决心,决议。上句是一个建议,后者是赞同建议。故选C。

45. D【解析】


1. B【解析】考查名词单复数。句意:宜宾是四川最美丽的之一。“one of the +形容词最高级+名词复数”,表示“最……之一”,city的复数是y变i加es。故选B。

2. 2. C【解析】考查名词单复数。句意“你听说过林则徐和詹天佑吗?”“当然,他们是我们的民族。”分析句意,they作主语,指代林则徐和詹天佑,因此hero用复数,正确形式为heroes,故选C。

3. C【解析】考查名词单复数。句意:在中国,从2018年1月1日起,每一对夫妇可以有两个。根据空前two可知用名词复数,选项中只有children是可数名词复数,故选C。

4. A【解析】考查名词单复数。句意:如果你动它,这破碎的 可能刺进你的手。你应该小心。 glass玻璃; glasses眼镜;candle蜡烛;candles蜡烛,复数。根据句中的it可知表示单数,排除B、D;能划伤手的应该是“玻璃”,故选A。

5. D【解析】考查名词词义与单复数。句意:这些穿着漂亮裙子的今晚要参加晚会。man男人;men是man的复数形式;woman女人;women是woman的复数形式。由“in beautiful dresses”可排除A和B;these修饰复数名词,故选D。

6. C【解析】考查名词单复数。句意“妈妈,我饿了。我可以吃些吗?”“当然了。但是不要吃得太多。”hamburgers汉堡包,可数名词复数;milks,表达错误;cake蛋糕,不可数名词。由答语中的关键词“too much”可知用不可数名词。故选C。

7. C【解析】考查名词单复数。句意“这里有很多关于这个农场的照片。”“是的。这个农场上种了很多土豆。”根据many及lots of可知两空都用复数。正确书写形式分别是

8. C【解析】考查名词单复数。句意:米老鼠在美国上是最有名的之一。“one of the+形容词最高级+复数名词”,表示“最……之一”,故第一空为复数symbols;且culture(文化)常用作不可数名词。故选C。

9. C【解析】考查名词单复数和主谓一致。句意:网站上有很多网页并且这里有很多有用的。information为不可数名词,故谓语动词应用单数is,故选C。


1. A【解析】考查名词所有格。句意:从我们学校到我家大约。在名词所有格当中,表示时间等无生命的名词所有格用's,如果是可数名词复数需用s'表示。该题中表示20分钟的路程,用20 minutes' walk。故选A。

2. C【解析】考查名词所有格。句意:房间又大又漂亮。当and连接两个并列名词表示共有关系时,只在最后一个名词后加“'s”,表示单数意义;当and连接两个并列名词表示各自拥有物品时,两个名词词尾都加“'s”,表示复数意义。根据语境和is可知此处指的是二人共有的房间。故选C。

3. B【解析】考查名词所有格。句意:这是房间,它又干净又漂亮。由This is和It's可知是两人共有的房间。故选B。

4. C【解析】考查名词所有格。句意“你确信这是那个著名喜剧女演员贾玲的照片吗?”“这出乎你意料了,不是吗?但她曾经确实很瘦。”a photoof Jia Ling和a photo of Jia Ling's都表示“贾玲的照片”,但是前者表示“照片上的人是贾玲本人”,

而后者表示“照片属于贾玲,但是照片上的人不一定是贾玲本人”。根据答语可知照片上的人是贾玲本人,故选C。5. B【解析】考查名词所有格与普通不定代词辨析。句意:下周有一场家长会,我父母都会来。家长会用复数名词所有格,parents的所有格为parents';根据parents可知不定代词用both,故选B。

6. B【解析】考查名词所有格。句意“桌上有个MP5,这是谁的?”“它可能是我。她昨天买了一个。”此处表示我妹妹的(MP5),属于名词所有格,sister的所有格直接加“'s”,故选B。

7. B【解析】考查名词所有格。句意:妈妈们不能去参加家长会,因为她们太忙了。A项表达有误;B项表达各自拥有的;C项表达共有的;D项不是所有格。根据空后的“mothers”以及句中的“they are...”可知表达各自的妈妈,故选B。


1. A【解析】考查名词作定语。句意:现在是运动时间。一班的大多数男生正在操场上踢足球。一般情况下,合成名词的复数形式,只需将其主体词变为复数形式。故选A。

2. B【解析】考查名词作定语。句意:我们学校里有56名女老师。用woman/man作定语修饰名词,当该名词变为复数时,前后两个名词都需要变成复数形式,因此选B。

3. B【解析】考查名词作定语。句意“你早餐想吃什么?”“我想吃西红柿面条。”西红柿面条,只需将“面条”变为复数形式,“西红柿”作定语,用原形,故选B。

4. A【解析】考查复合形容词作定语。句意“闫家硕,一个10岁的女孩,获得了‘国际记忆大师’称号。”“哇,她太棒了,不是吗?”“数词+单数名词+形容词”构成的复合形容词,词与词之间要加连字符,且其中的名词一定要使用单数形式。故选A。

5. C【解析】考查复合形容词作定语。句意:我们63岁的习近平主席,上个月访问了哈尔滨。多令人鼓舞啊!由句意可知此处修饰名词president,应该用复合形容词。故选C。