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备考冲刺 | 2019中考英语真题专练--特殊句型(含解析)

命题点一 How词组

1. (2018北京)—________ are these bananas?


A. How much B. How long

C. How heavy D. How big

2.(2018上海)—_______ Disney amusement parks are there

in China?


A. How many B. How often

C. How soon D. How long

3. (2018襄阳)—________ are the students in your class?

—Most of them are only fourteen.

A. How long B. How old

C. How many D. How often

4. (2018湘潭)—________ is it from your home to school?

—Five kilometers.

A. How long B. How far C. How soon

5. (2018重庆A卷)—You play the piano so well.________ do you take piano lessons?

—I go to piano lessons twice a week.

A. How long B. How many

C. How often D. How much

6. (2018长沙)—________ will you fly to Beijing?

—In two days.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon

7. (2018济宁)—________ can you read in English?

—About 100 words a minute.

A. How far B. How much

C. How fast D. How many

8. (2018连云港)—________ will the 6th Chinese Film Festival

in France last?

—From May 24th to July 19th.

A. How often B. How soon

C. How long D. How many

命题点二 感叹句

1. (2018上海)________ wonderful speech Emma gave at the

UN conference!

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

2. (2018重庆B卷)—Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize.

—________ great she is! We Chinese are so proud of her.

A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

3. (2018阜新)—________ bad the weather is today! What

shall we do today?

—How about staying at home and reading some

interesting books?

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

4. (2018常德)We have to say goodbye, ________ time flies!

A. what B. how C. what a

5. (2018广东)—It is reported that cancer can be controlled at a temperature lower than 110℃ below zero.

—Really?________ nice surprise!

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

6. (2018德阳)________ useful dictionary it is! It's very helpful

for English study.

A. What a B. What an C. How a D. How

7. (2018滨州)—Jane won the first prize in the English speech contest.— ________ big progress she has made! She used to be weak in English.

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

8. (2018宜昌)—The firemen did all their best to put out the fire.

—________ excellent firemen!

A. What B. What an C. How an D. How

命题点三 There be句型

1. (2018攀枝花)Look!This is our class photo. There ________ 45 students in my class.

A. has B. have C. is D. are

2. (2018齐齐哈尔)There ________ some good advice about how to reduce air pollution on the Internet.

A. are B. is C. have

3. (2018鄂州)—I remember there ________ a lot of fish in Yanglan Lake. Now it has been polluted.

—What a pity! I think we should play a role in protecting

the environment.

A. are used to have B. are used to be

C. used to have D. used to be

4. (2018湘潭)There ________ a sports meeting in our school next month.

A. will be B. will have C. is going to have

5. (2018盐城)Watch out, Peter! ________ is a little boy playing

ahead on the road.

A. It B. This C. That D. There

6. (2018武汉)—What's the matter, Jenny?

—________ something wrong with my bike.

A. It is B. There is C. I have D. It has

命题点四 主谓一致

1. (2018上海)The twins________ fond of the new idea in the magazine article.

A. be B. am C. is D. are

2. (2018孝感)Both Kate and I ________ ready for the new high school life.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

3. (2018齐齐哈尔)Not only you but also everyone here ________ watching football matches.

A. likes B. like C. is like

4. (2018安顺)—What would you like to have for supper, Jack?

—Either noodles or rice ________ OK. I don't mind.

A. are B. were C. is D. was

5. (2018永州)Neither Li Hua nor I________ good at writing.

A. am B. is C. are

6. (2018邵阳)One of my friends________ moved to America, I miss her so much.

A. has B. have C. are

7. (2018南充)Alice prefers stories that ________ short and funny.

A. are B. is C. was D. were

8. (2018自贡)Everybody except Mike and Linda ________ there when the meeting began.

A. are B. was C. were

9. (2018荆门)The number of the volunteers in our city ________ 2,000. And sixty percent of them ________ teachers and students.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are

命题点五 祈使句

1. (2018重庆B卷)—Jack, don't always copy what others do. ________ your head,please.

—Thanks for telling me.

A. Using B. Used C. Uses D. Use

2. (2018广东)Tommy, ________ play basketball in the street next time. You may get hit by a car.

A. do B. don't C. must D. mustn't

3. (2018长春)________ me an e­mail before you come to Hangzhou. I'll meet you at the airport.

A. Sending B. To send

C. Sends D. Send

4. (2018泰安)As we all know, life is short but amazing.

________ it!

A.Enjoy B.To enjoy

C.Enjoying D.Enjoyed

5. (2018西宁)Do you want to be healthy? ________.

Smiling can help you stay healthy.

A. Smile B. Smiling

C. To smile D. Smiled

命题点六 反意疑问句

1. (2018宿迁)—There is a beautiful park near your

school, ________?

—Yes. I often go walking there.

A. is there B. isn't there

C. are there D. aren't there

2. (2018永州)David never fights with his classmates,


A. does he B. doesn't he C. isn't he

3. (2018安顺)He can hardly stay awake because he is

so tired, ________?

A. is he B. isn't he C. can't he D. can he

命题点七 倒装句

1. (2018攀枝花)—I think you are different now.

—Of course, times have changed and________.

A. so have I B. so I have

C. neither have I D. neither I have


命题点一 How词组

1. A【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“这些香蕉是?”“3.99美元。”分析答语“3.99美元”可知问句应询问物品的价格,故选A。

2. A【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“中国有迪斯尼乐园?”“两个。”How many多少(用于对可数名词数量的提问);How often多久一次(用于对频率的提问);How soon多长时间后(用于对将来时间的提问);How long多久(用于对时间段的提问)。根据答语可知是对数量的提问,故选A。

3. B【解析】考查How 词组辨析。句意“你们班学生?”“他们大部分只有十四岁。”结合答语可知此处询问年龄。故选B。

4. B【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“从你家到学校有?”“五千米。”根据答语可知此处是对距离进行提问,应用How far,故选B。

5. C【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“你钢琴弹得真好。你上钢琴课?”“我一周去上两次钢琴课。”根据关键信息“twice a week”可知此处提问的是频率,故选C。

6. C【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“你将飞往北京?”“两天后。”根据答语可知此处是对将来时间进行提问,应用How soon,故选C。

7. C【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“你能用英语读?”“大约一分钟100个单词。”根据语境可知是提问速度。故选C。

8. C【解析】考查How词组辨析。句意“第六届法国中国电影节持续?”“从5月24号到7月19号。” 根据last可知,提问持续多长时间,故选C。

命题点二 感叹句

1. C【解析】考查感叹句。句意:艾玛在联合国大会上的演讲多精彩啊! 感叹句常由what和how引导。what修饰名词或名词短语,有以下两种形式:1.What+a(an)+形容词+单数可数名词+主语+谓语!2.What+形容词+可数名词复数或不可数名词+主语+谓语!;How修饰形容词或副词,其常见句型结构是:How+形容词/副词+主语+谓语!分析句子结构可知此处感叹句的中心词是可数名词speech,用what修饰;speech是可数名词单数,因此what后需加冠词;结合wonderful首字母发辅音,因此用a。故选C。

2. D【解析】考查感叹句。句意“屠呦呦获得了诺贝尔奖。”“她多么伟大啊!我们中国人为她感到非常骄傲。”分析句子结构可知,空后只有形容词,感叹词应用how,故选D。

3. A【解析】考查感叹句。句意“今天的天气是多么糟糕呀!我们今天应该做什么呢?”“待在家里读些有趣的书怎么样?”分析句子结构可知,此感叹句符合“how+形容词+主语+谓语”结构。故选A。

4. B【解析】考查感叹句。句意:时光飞逝,我们得说再见了!分析句子结构,主语是time,谓语是flies,故此处用how引导感叹句,故选B。

5. C【解析】考查感叹句。句意“据报道,癌症在温度低至零下110摄氏度能被控制。”“真的吗?太神奇了!” surprise前面有nice修饰,此处为可数名词,应该用what a修饰。故选C。

6. A【解析】考查感叹句。句意:多么有用的词典啊!它对学习英语非常有用。中心词dictionary为可数名词单数,感叹句应由what a来引导,故选A。

7. C【解析】考查感叹句。句意“简在英语演讲比赛中获得了第一名。”“她取得了很大的进步啊!她过去在英语学习上很薄弱。”分析句子结构可知,此处符合感叹句的构成句式:What+形容词+不可数名词+主谓!故选C。

8. A【解析】考查感叹句。句意“消防员们尽他们最大的努力灭火。”“多么优秀的消防员啊!”分析空格所在句子,excellent为形容词,firemen为名词,故本句用what引导,firemen为复数,因此不用冠词,故选A。

命题点三 There be句型

1. D【解析】考查there be句型。句意:看!这是我们的班级照片,我们班有45位学生。there be句型中be的形式要与后面的主语一致;students是复数。故选D。

2. B【解析】考查there be 句型。句意:互联网上有一些关于如何减少空气污染的好建议。advice 是不可数名词,there be句型中be动词用is。故选B。

3. D【解析】考查there be 句型。句意“我记得过去洋澜湖里有很多鱼。现在它已经被污染了。”“太遗憾了!我认为我们应该为保护环境出一份力。”此句是there be句型,表示某地有某物,因此排除A、C两项;be used to do sth.被用来做某事,there used to be过去有……。故选D。

4. A【解析】考查there be句型。句意:下个月在我们学校将会有一场运动会。根据语境可知本句中表示某处有某事,再由next month可知应用一般将来时,there be句型的一般将来时结构为there will be或there is/are going to be。故选A。

5. D【解析】考查there be句型。句意:当心,彼得!一个小男孩正在路前方玩。由于“There be sb. doing sth.”是固定句型,意为“有某人正在做某事”。故选D。

6. B【解析】考查there be 句型。句意“珍妮, 你怎么了?”“我的自行车坏了。”There is something wrong with sb./ sth.某人或某物出问题了,故选B。

命题点四 主谓一致

1. D【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:这对双胞胎喜欢杂志文章中的新想法。由主语“the twins”可知选D。

2. C【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:凯特和我都为新的高中生活做好了准备。当both...and连接的并列成分作主语时,谓语动词用复数。故选C。

3. A【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:不仅你,还有这里的每个人都喜欢观看足球比赛。not only...but also...连接两个主语时,谓语动词形式遵循“就近原则”,everyone 表示单数意义。故选A。

4. C【解析】考查时态及主谓一致。句意“杰克,你晚餐想吃什么?”“面条或者米饭都可以。我不介意。”either...or...连接两个主语时,谓语动词遵循“就近原则”,再结合语境,应用一般现在时。故选C。

5. A【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:李华和我都不擅长写作。neither...nor...连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词与就近的主语保持一致,即遵循“就近原则”。I是第一人称,be动词用am。故选A。

6. A【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:我的一个朋友已经移居美国了,我非常想念她。根据主语One of my friends表示单数可知,谓语动词应为第三人称单数。故选A。

7. A【解析】考查主谓一致及时态。句意:艾丽斯更喜欢简短并且有趣的故事。句中的that引导的是一个定语从句,它所指代的先行词是复数名词“stories”,因此,这里从句的谓语动词应该使用复数形式,排除B、C;根据“prefers”可知,本句谈论的是现在的事情,应该使用一般现在时。所以are符合题意。故选A。

8. B【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:会议开始的时候,除了迈克和琳达,每个人都在。本句主语是Everybody,表单数,根据主谓一致原则,谓语动词也要用单数。故选B。

9. B【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:我们城市的志愿者人数是2000,其中60%是老师和学生。根据语法知识“the number of +名词复数”作主语时,谓语动词用单数;表示整体中的一部分作主语时,谓语动词用复数。故选B。

命题点五 祈使句

1. D 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. A

命题点六 反意疑问句

1. B【解析】 考查反意疑问句。句意“你的学校附近有一个漂亮的公园,?”“是呀。我经常去那里散步。”根据反意疑问句“前肯后否”的特点,排除A、C;又结合前半句的is可知此处用isn't。故选B。

2. A【解析】考查反意疑问句。句意:大卫从来不和他的同学们打架,?never表示否定含义,故反问部分用肯定语气;又根据前文谓语动词“fights”可知用助动词does,故选A。

3. D【解析】考查反意疑问句。句意:他几乎不能保持清醒因为他太累了,?反意疑问句应根据主句变,而不是原因状语从句部分,又因主句部分含有“hardly”,表示否定意义,谓语中出现了情态动词can,因此应用“can he”反问。故选D。


1. A【解析】考查倒装句。句意“我认为你现在很不同。”“当然,随着时间的改变我也改变了。”根据答语Of course可知这里要用肯定形式的倒装,强调我也在变化,用“so+助动词+主语”结构。故选A。