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A -Z字母高频词汇


1. 副词: 句中: already, also, almost, always

句尾:again, accurately, altogether, alone

2. 连词:after, and, as, although

3.介词:around, among, across, along, about, above, after, against, as

4. 动词:achieve/get/gain/receive, afford (afford to do ), agree, answer, allow, appear, award

5. 代词:

a. anything, anybody, all, another, any

b. both

c. everybody, everything, either, each

s. somebody, something

n. nothing, nobody, neither/none

o. others,other,one(s)


1. 连词:but, because, before

2. 介词:besides, beside/next to, below, behind, before, between

3. 动词:begin/start, become, believe, blow, book, break, borrow

4. 形容词:beautiful/pretty, brave, brief, better/best, busy,bright/clever/smart/wise

C 字母开头高频单词

1. 动词:cost, control, close, continue, correct, complete/finish, complain, confuse , called, catch/know/understand.

change sth to sth, choose to do sth, cause sb./sth. to do, check v./n., connect…to/with, compare…with…,

2. 形容词:careful(carefully), careless, correct, common, crazy, cheap, convenient, confident, clear, comfortable, cold, clever, certain/sure(一定的)

3. 名词:chance, choice, corner, culture/custom, hobby/habit


1. 动词:decide, dislike/hate, develop, discover, drive(驱赶), discuss, disappear,damage/destroy/hurt/wound(毁坏,破坏)

2. 形容词:different(difference) difficult dull/boring dishonest deaf dangerous developing--developed

3. 名词:make a decision/suggestion, dream/ambition, duty, diet, day, danger, darkness

4. 介词: during


1. 副词:even/ever, exactly, easily, everywhere, enough, especially

2.形容词:early/earlier, easy, elder, empty, excited, expensive, else(what/who…else anything/nothing else)


3. 动词:enjoy, escape, explain/answer/say/suggest(解释,回答), examine/check(检查), encourage sb. to do, end n./v., expect/wish/hope(希望)

4. 介词: except

5. 名词: end, everything/body, exam/quiz/competition/contest(测试), exercise(s), experience(s), example


1. 名词:fun, friendship, form, freedom, flight, form/type/kind(种类)

2. 动词:forget follow find finish/complete fail 发现: find/discover/notice/learn/realize

3. 副词: far(farther, farthest), fast, finally, first, forward

4. 介词:from

5. 形容词:first, friendly, favorite, few, funny, fine/well/nice, following, frightened/afraid


1. 形容词:good/great, glad/pleased/happy/satisfied, gentle(温柔的), generous(大方的)

2. 动词:grow, guess, go, give, get/gain/achieve/receive(得到)

3. 名词:goal, game, group, guide

4. 副词: gently, generally, greatly


1. 名词:habit, hobby, headache, health, heart, help, hope, hour, hope/wish/dream(希望)

2. 动词:hope, happen, hate, help, hesitate, hide, hurry, hope/wish/expect(希望)

3. 形容词:huge /giant / big/large, homeless, helpful, hungry, healthy, harmful, happy

4. 副词: happily, hard, hardly

5. 连词:However, how


1. 名词:idea, information, importance

2. 副词:instead, indeed/truly, inside, into, immediately

3. 动词:introduce, include, improve

4. 形容词:impossible, important, impatient, interesting/amusing

5. 连词:if


1. 动词:join, judge, jump,

2. 名词:journey/way/road( 路), judge(裁判), joy

3. 副词:just


1. 名词: key, kind of, knowledge

2. 动词:keep, know, knock


1. 动词:learn, leave, let, lift(raise), live

2. 形容词:little/ less/ least, local, late, lazy, lucky, large(big/ great), lonely, lovely, likely (be likely to do )= possible

3. 副词: later luckily

4. 介词: like (such as 与 for example )


1. 动词:miss, mean, meet(遇见,满足), move(搬家) , match(与……相配), mind(介意), matter(要紧), make

2. 名词:market, member, method(方法), month, manner(礼仪), message

3. 形容词:many/ much/ more/ most modern


1. 动词:notice, need

2. 形容词:nervous, new, necessary(必要的), nice

3. 名词: nation, news=message, neighbor(neighborhood), notice

4. 代词:nothing, nobody, neither(either), none(all)

5. 副词: nearly, never, nearby

O 字母开头高频单词

1. 动词:own, offer, order, ask

2. 形容词:ordinary, only, own, other, outdoor

3. 副词: often, once, of, over, outside

4. 介词: over= throughout, out, outside

5. 连词: or


1. 动词:promise, pay, play, plan, prevent, prefer, prepare, provide, process(加工),produce(生产), prove(证明)

2. 名词: pain, performance, place, progress(进步), process(过程), practice

3. 形容词: physical(身体的), patient(耐心的), pretty, powerful,private(personal), public, pleased, pleasant, polite

4. 副词: possibly, perhaps, probably, politely, personally


1. 名词:question

2. 形容词:quiet, quick

3. 副词:quickly, quietly, quite


1. 动词:receive, realize, reach, remember, require, reduce, refuse, run, relax

2. 形容词:real, rich, responsible, right

3. 副词:really, recently, right, rather

4. 名词:reason, result, rest;


1. 动词:suppose, show, seem, suggest, share, spend, spread, start

2. 名词:secret, story, shame = pity, sign, symbol, situation, somebody

3. 形容词:serious, simple, special, soft, successful, strict, surprising, strange,same, similar

4. 副词:suddenly, slowly, still, seriously, sometimes, soon, seldom


1. 副词:tomorrow, tonight, today, too, then, there, together, terribly

2. 介词:till, to, towards, through, throughout

3. 动词:turn, try, train, touch, teach, trouble

4. 名词:trouble, team, teenager, tradition

5. 形容词:tired, thirsty, thankful, thick, thin, terrible, their, traditional


1. 形容词:unusual, useful, unhappy, upset, unhealthy

2. 介词:until, up, under

3. 连词:until, unless


1. 形容词:various

2. 动词:vary, visit


1. 动词:waste, warn, work(运转,起作用), wonder(想知道), worry

2. 形容词:wonderful, worse, wise, wrong, worried

3. 介词:with, without, within

4. 连词: what, whether, while


1. 副词:yet, yesterday

2. 形容词:young

3. 名词: youth, year